John McLean Architect


Ph.D.Arch., 1980–1982, Univ. of Pennsylvania
M.B.A. 1974–1978, Univ. of San Francisco
M.Arch., 1971–1974, Harvard University
B.Arch.Engr., 1964–1969, Penn State

Architectural Registration

California License C-9215, 1977
Pennsylvania License 8606-B, 1980
NCARB Certificate 19519, 1977


John McLean, Architect, 1982–present
Robinson Mills & Williams, 1978–1980
John Harvey Carter, Architect, 1977–1978
Hoover Associates, 1976–1977
Ernest J. Kump Associates, 1975–1976
Bull Field Volkmann Stockwell, 1974–1975
Chevron Corporation, 1969–1971
Page Clowdsley & Baleix, 1968

Professional Affiliation

American Institute of Architects, 1977–present

The most successful building results and rewarding project experiences occur when an owner, an architect, and a builder have a close working relationship and high standards
for the execution of the work.
To easily develop this type of relationship, my practice has been kept small in size.

The breadth and depth of a professional's education and project experience reflect the range of information upon which
he can draw when making judgments.
The more the better.

Creative people perform best when stimulated by a diversity of design challenges.
A variety of projects and project sizes is welcome.
Tight, but realistic, budgets are expected.